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Voter Registration Resources

Want to help register voters? Join the Voter Registration Project. The group is non-partisan and registers voters in Kansas and Missouri. To join email ksvoterregproject@gmail.com or join the Facebook group

The link to the VRP handout is here.


Need to register to vote or update your registration (update your address, party affiliation or change your name) in Kansas? Go to ksvotes.org and easily enter your information and application online. (Thanks to 2018 Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Brian "BAM" McClendon for developing this easy to use website!)


Do you have a photo ID approved for voting in Kansas? You'll need one of these to cast a ballot for the next election:

  • Driver’s license from any state

  • State ID card from any state

  • U.S. passport

  • Government-issued Employee ID

  • Military ID

  • Tribal ID

  • A Kansas Student ID from accredited college or university

  • Government-issued Public Assistance ID

Note: IDs must be current or have no expiration date. The address on your ID does NOT have to match your current address.

For voters 65 or older, IDs can be expired.


Do you need help getting an ID to vote or a ride to the DMV? Call the ACLU Voting Rights Project at 316-530-5321.